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Eaddy Mays is an American actress and producer born in Huntington, New York and raised by her mother in Port Washington, New York. Mays is known for her role as Elaine in the 2009 Academy Award winning film The Blind Side (film) in which she appeared opposite Sandra Bullock in the infamous ‘ladies who lunch’ scenes. Mays is also known for her portrayal of as Victoria Argent in the MTV supernatural drama series, Teen Wolf, a role that led to her being dubbed “The Scariest Mom on TV”[1] and even “The Scariest Person on TV.”


Mays began acting as a child at the age of ten when she was cast as Gerda in The Port Washington Play Troupe production of The Snow Queen, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, adapted and directed by Susanne Traub. As a young teenager, Mays hosted video presentations for the production company owned by her step-father, singer/songwriter/actor, Bob Haymes, writer of the song "That's All" which is part of the Great American Songbook. During Mays's freshman year of college, Haymes died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This work brought the teenage Mays to China in 1984 and later to Hong Kong and Japan.


Mays began high school at Paul D. Schreiber High School and during her Junior year moved with her family to Greenville, South Carolina where she graduated at age 17 from James L. Mann High School. During her school years, she was cast as “Courtney” in the play Class Dismissed, written at age 19, by Craig Nevius. The play takes place in a classroom after an English teacher who, when frustrated with his students' lackadaisical approach to their education, takes severe measures, and holds his toughest students hostage at gunpoint in his classroom. The show was produced by The South Carolina Children's Theatre.

While in high school, Mays also studied theatre at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities and upon graduation, she attended The University of Georgia for four years, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in history.

In 1996, Mays attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts summer program in New York City.


After completing college, Mays remained in the North Georgia area working in commercial radio and television in both Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. She was Operations Manager as well as Morning Show co-host at WGMG FM radio station and continued her involvement with community theatre directing “Steel Magnolias” and starring in "Crimes of the Heart" as Meg MaGrath.

Though Mays worked in local television hosting a music video show at WNGM-TV34 in Athens, Georgia, (now known as WUVG-DT) her earliest credited television work was in the 1996 pilot episode of the crime procedural Profiler (TV series), in which she portrayed a police desk sergeant.

For several years, Mays continued to accumulate multiple television and film credits in the Southeast taking advantage of the tremendous growth in the region’s entertainment industry stimulated by the 2008 tax incentive signed by former Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue. The tax incentive created an exponential expansion of film and television production in Georgia gave Atlanta the nickname, “Hollywood of the South.” But the growth also increased competition in the market, as Mays’s is reported saying during an interview with Atlanta's NBC affiliate WXIA-TV 11Alive: "L.A. actors are saying 'We'll come to Atlanta; we'll work as local talent; we'll fly ourselves here, and we'll work for scale….That means we as actors have to be more competitive. We can't look like local hires anymore."

In 2009, when cast as a cancer patient for a Lexington Medical Center commercial, Mays shaved her own head completely bald, capturing the event on video which was posted by Lexington Medical Center on YouTube. This radical change in appearance prompted a shift in Mays’s career and shortly thereafter she was cast in the recurring role of "Victoria Argent" in MTV's supernatural drama series, Teen Wolf. She appeared occasionally in season 1; and throughout season 2 she was featured as a chilling, memorable villain. For her portrayal of Victoria Argent, honored Mays as one of the “Underrated TV Stars of 2012.''

There has been much speculation about whether Mays will reprise her role in season 3 of the show, broadcasting in the USA in June 2013. When interviewed about Teen Wolf season 3, Mays said, “It’s Teen Wolf – anything is possible. No one knows anything for sure on this project; they even shot two endings to season two! …. You just never know, and that’s part of why Teen Wolf is so wonderful and Jeff Davis (writer) [the show’s creator and executive producer] is so brilliant.”Mays was revealed as a recurring character on Teen Wolf (season 3), ultimately returning in several episodes as presence in her character's daughter's psyche, as well as in a flashback sequence in the mid-season (3A) finale.


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