Tuesday, February 2, 2016


ActorDylan Sprayberry
StatusBeta Werewolf
First AppearanceMuted
Last AppearanceThe Sword and the Spirit

Liam Dunbar is a transfer freshman at Beacon Hills High School appearing first in Season 4 of Teen Wolf. He's now a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School in Season 5.

Recently bitten by Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, Liam is struggling to control himself and his new abilities.

He is played by Dylan Sprayberry.


Liam is 15 and lives with his mother and stepfather, a doctor, and has just transferred to Beacon Hills High School as a freshman.

He was kicked out of his former school, Devenford Prep, after he "got into it" with his lacrosse coach. Liam was benched for the rest of the season after anger issues on the field. He then destroyed the coach's car with a crowbar.

Liam suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder which is marked by intense episodes of rage.

He is remorseful about how his behavior hurts his parents.


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