Tuesday, February 2, 2016


ActorRyan Kelley
StatusSheriff's Deputy/Hellhound
First AppearanceRiddled
Last AppearanceThe Sword and the Spirit

Deputy Jordan Parrish works for the Beacon County Sheriff's Department on MTV’s Teen Wolf. He is revealed to be a "Hellhound" in Season 5. Just what this actually means for the character remains to be seen.
Deputy Parrish is played by Ryan Kelley.


Parrish says he moved to Beacon Hills because he felt “drawn here" and, due to high mortality among law enforcement, several jobs were open.

Parrish is ex-military and trained as part of a "Hazardous Device Team" meaning he dealt with bombs and explosive materials.

The young deputy has grown closer to Sheriff Stilinski in his short time on the force. The sheriff now trusts him and seeks his help with all aspects of the supernatural.


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