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Actor             Shelley Hennig
Status            Werecoyote
First AppearanceAnchors
Last AppearanceThe Sword and the Spirit

Malia Tate is the biological daughter of Peter Hale although she was adopted and raised to believe that Henry Tate is her dad.

She was thought dead for eight years after the deaths of her adoptive mother and little sister. All the while, she was actually living fully transformed as a Werecoyote.

She is listed on the Season 4 Dead Pool as "Malia Hale."

Malia Tate is portrayed by Shelley Hennig.


Malia was born on November 28 at Midtown Memorial Hospital (see Malia's Age below). She was officially adopted less than a month later by Evelyn and Henry Tate.

For several years, Malia believed herself responsible for killing her adoptive mother and sister.

She thought she'd lost control and transformed on a full moon while the three were riding in a car. Malia was 9 years old. Just before the accident, she had argued with her mother and said she wished they were all dead. This adds to her feelings of guilt about the incident.

She's recently recovered a memory of her birth mother, the Desert Wolf, firing guns at the car before the crash.

After the crash, Malia remained a fully transformed coyote and lived in a den near the crash site for eight years. She kept many of her human belongings and developed a sentimental attachment to her younger sister's doll.

She is, at first, resentful that Scott McCall forced her to return to human form and is unable to change back. She was committed to Eichen House, a mental institution for a brief time.

Scott helped Malia to harness her shapeshifting abilities while Stiles Stilinski is helped her reintegrate into human society and think less like a coyote.

Having learned that Peter Hale is her father, she worked with him to find her birth mother until she saw him as the monster he really was.

She quickly came to view Stiles as her mate in every sense of the word and they remained together for the better part of a year.

Their relationship stalled due to the events of Season 5 and, while they never said the words to each other, they broke up.

Malia recently became a senior at Beacon Hills High School despite her difficulty catching up to her peers academically.


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