Friday, February 5, 2016


ActorCharlie Carver and Max Carver
StatusOmega (Ethan)
Deceased (Aiden)
First AppearanceTattoo
Last AppearanceCreatures of the Night (Aiden Only)

max carver and charlie carver
The characters are identical twins and had the ability to merge both their bodies into a single large creature. The mechanism for this transformation is never explained and was lost, along with their alpha status, when their merged form was "killed" by Jennifer Blake.

Aiden was later killed by an Oni.
Ethan is played by Charlie Carver while his identical twin brother Max Carver plays Aiden.


Ethan says they were badly mistreated as members of a pack of brutal werewolves when Deucalion helped them develop their ability to merge together into a larger form.

Once they'd mastered the ability, they killed the rest of their pack, became Alphas, and joined The Alpha Pack.

During Lunar Ellipse, their merged form was killed by the Darach. While they survived as individuals, their Alpha status was lost.

Ethan is homosexual and was dating Danny, while Aiden was, prior to his death, romantically involved with Lydia Martin.

Aiden died trying to help Scott McCall save Stiles Stilinski in The Divine Move.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because it is an FAQ, in The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Ethan says he and his brother were "the omegas" of their pack. This is not to say they were "Omegas" just that they were abused and mistreated. It is an insult, nothing more.

By the time we catch up with them in Galvanize, the brothers are actually Omegas due to their "death" and the disbanding of the Alpha Pack.


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