Tuesday, February 2, 2016


colton haynes

ActorColton Haynes
StatusWerewolf/Former Kanima
First AppearanceWolf Moon
Last AppearanceMaster Plan

Jackson Whittemore is Scott McCall’s high school nemesis. He is portrayed by Colton Haynes.


Prior to the events of Wolf Moon, Jackson was the top athlete at Beacon Hills High School and was in a long term relationship with Lydia Martin.

He was born on June 15, 1995. His birthday is the day after his parents, Gordon and Margaret Miller, were killed in a car accident. His mother was apparently kept on life support long enough for doctors to deliver Jackson via C-section.

Jackson was then adopted by attorney David Whittemore and his wife. His father says his son hasn't said "I love you" since learning he was adopted and that the circumstances of his parentage cause the teen to labor under self-imposed unrealistic expectations.

Jackson is to get a large insurance settlement connected to his bio-parents' death when he turns 18.

He suffered from emotional and mental issues that corrupted his transformation into a werewolf and instead became a Kanima. Only when Lydia said she loved him did his conflict get resolved and he became a werewolf.


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