Tuesday, February 2, 2016


ActorArden Cho
StatusThunder Kitsune
First AppearanceAnchors
Last AppearanceThe Sword and the Spirit

Kira Yukimura first appeared during the second half of Season 3 of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

The character is portrayed by Arden Cho.

Kira is a student and the daughter of Beacon Hills High School's new History teacher.

She was unaware of her true nature until her supernatural abilities were forced to manifest during an attack by mass murderer William Barrow.

Derek says she is a "young" Kitsune and unable to mask her nature from the enhanced werewolf vision and flash photography.

Her mother describes her as a "Thunder" Kitsune.


Kira and her family move from New York to Beacon Hills a few weeks before the events of Season 3(b).

Kira's mom, Noshiko, is Japanese while her father is Korean. Her mother's family has a connection to Beacon Hills going back generations.

Her father, Ken, claims Kira hasn't made any friends during her first three weeks in school but she is not shy and boldly inserts herself into a private conversation with Scott and his friends. Kira and Scott quickly start a romantic relationship.

Kira first manifest a supernatural ability by absorbing dozens of megawatts (estimate) of electricity into her hands. Flash photography and Scott's enhanced werewolf vision reveal the glowing outline of a fox surrounding Kira's entire body.

She also found that having a sword in her hand gives her balance and agility she lacks in her everyday life.


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